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enabling exosome technologies, products and companies


The EXO Incubator  (EXOi)

EXOi is a specialized biotechnology incubator that helps promote and create new business opportunities within the emerging field of exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs).  
Exosomes and EVs are the key component of a recently discovered communication system within all living organisms.  This communication system has been nicknamed the molecular Internet of the body. Exosomes are used to send succinct, but powerful messages throughout the body; from donor-cell to recipient-cell.  This system is akin to the Internet’s IP-protocol, using blood and other biological fluids to interconnect remote cells and tissues.  
Tapping into “the Internet of the body” opens up unique opportunities to monitor health and disease in a minimally invasive manner.  Harnessing this system also creates a unique opportunity for development of novel methods of treating disease as it allows for customized re-programming of cells! 

Our mission at EXOi is to promote and enable the successful commercialization of exosome and EV technologies, products and companies.  Towards this end we bring to bear our unique industry experience with start-ups to reach commercialization stage.  We also leverage our proprietary tools, technologies and seminal intellectual property in our partnered ventures to create unmatched competitive advantages.

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Technology and IP Pool

Our exosome technology platforms harneses the exosome’s adeptness for inter-cellular trafficking of molecular cargo, resulting in technologies that are physiologically compatible, precise and enabling. The platforms can be used to elicit immuno-therapeutic responses or to delivery drugs with precision to targeted cells or tissues. Another application is for the generation of reagent or therapeutic antibodies to difficult targets.  The technologies can also be used to monitor disease, non-invasively, by interrogating circulating exosomes from various biological fluids.  This can be used to accelerate the R&D process or toward development of companion and complementary diagnostics with important advantages over cfDNA and  CTCs technolgies.  EXOi makes these technologies available for licensing or partnering. 

Value Proposition


Tools, Kits, Reagents

get unique access to seminal IP, new  products and entry to new markets


Therapeutics, Devices, MDx

get access to state-of-the-art technology, industry networks, people and startup resouces


IP Commercialization

bring your innovations to market with experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders 


Discovery, Preclinical, Clinical

accelerate your R&D process and  access innovative technology  pipelines 


Exosome Related Patents

Leverage your IP via a patent pool and have it marketed to industry including Startups, Life Science and BioPharma 

A partnership with EXO Incubator offers you the opportunity to get expert assistance in commercializing your Exosome project, technology or startup, or the option to simply let us build a company around what you have developed.  By partnering with EXO Incubator you can leverage our business expertise, deep Exosome technology knowledge and turnkey startup resources - all critical for successful technology development and commercialization.

Seminal IP
EXO Incubator offers access to a seminal IP pool covering an important and emerging segment of the circulating biomarkers market.  The IP pool can provide access to both research and clinical applications like biomarker discovery,  liquid biopsies and therpeutics development.   The IP can bring an immediate competitive advantage to your business venture or to your own IP by providing freedom to operate within this dynamic space and differentiating your enterprise from what is quickly becomming a crowded space. 

Investor Network
EXO Incubator provides access to vetted seed investors with established interest in the space and to a network of professional investors and industry partners for potential follow on funding rounds.

Industry Networks and Insights
EXO Incubator and its partners bring unmatched experience, knowledge and insight about the Exosome and omics markets and their key players.  Among these technical skill sets are genetics, next generation sequencing, transcriptomics and proteomics.  Additional skill sets include bioinformatics, data analysis and disease interpretation. 

Talent and Expertise
EXO Incubator provides access to top talent and thought leaders in the Industry. Key individuals may participate in a new venture in various capacities according to need, including as key advisers, consultants, or as members of a start up team. 

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Home About


EXOi was founded by ten individuals who share a common vision and mission to help new and existing companies radically improve human health and the human condition. We aim to achieve this by elucidating and spreading insights about the molecular signaling biology of exosomes and other extracellular vesicles (EVs) and by helping to develop and deploy applied technologies to accelerate breakthroughs in relevant fields like drug discovery, diagnostics and therapeutics.

Among our founders are scientific and technology pioneers in the field of exosomes as well as entrepreneurial trail blazers in genomics.   

Partnering Example

Precision Drug Delivery

Engineered exosomes promise to change the way we treat disease.  In the near future we may be able to deliver drugs with unprecedented precision to targeted cells or tissues.  Giving us the unique ability to treat only the diseased tissues while sparing the rest of the body from any ill effects. 


Our Precision Drug Delivery platform harnesses the exosome’s adeptness for inter-cellular trafficking of molecular cargos. It also employs exosome-specifc protein anchors engineered to carry specific targeting entities specific to desired cells or tissues. This is a unique technology that  is physiologically compatible, precise and enabling.  Our EXO Precision Drug Delivery programs additionally benefits from access to  our non invasive EXO  liquid biopsy platform for acceleration of  the R&D process.  


EXO Display platform exploits and harnesses the natural physiology of exosomes and EVs
Application of exsomes and EVs as preision drug delivery systems affords the advantage  of built-in biocompatiblity and functionality.  

For example, in a previous proof of principle program,  autologous exosomes were successfully manufactured under cGMPs for early clinical evaluation as a potential cancer vaccine. A good safety profile was demonstrated and biological activity was reported. 


The unique versatility of our proprietary platform opens the field for development of exosomes as delivery vehicles for a wide range of tissue specific targets. 
Our technology allows for customized  decoration of exosome vesicles with selected functional entities. Engineered chimeric proteins and/or full-length membrane proteins can be displayed on the surface of exosomes. For example exosomes can be designed to display proteins such as antigens, ligands, antibodies, or HLA/peptide complexes in order to obtain the desired  vesicle functionalities. 


Precision  delivery of therapeutics to desired cells or tissue sites opens the opportunity to improve upon approved or experimental product pharmacology features such as increased efficacy and reduced toxicity profiles.  
EXO Precision Drug Delivery may enable  the delivery of a wide range of therapeutic classes including traditional small molecules, peptides and proteins as well as novel therapeutic approaches utilizing nucleic acids such as asRNA, miRNA, siRNA, mRNA and DNA.

Home TeamMember


Chairman of EXO Incubator Inc.

CEO of Cardea Bio Inc.

Serial entrepreneur, cofounder and investor in a series of DNA/Genomics technology startups: CLC bio (sold to QIAGEN), VP BGI Europe, AllSeq Inc. and the Genomics Investment Syndicate. “Business Catalyst Award” recipient from San Diego BIOCOM and SDVG.


Pioneered exosome immune pathway & applications

Co-inventor EXO Display technology platform,

Scientist with expertise in immunology including vaccines & antibody therapeutics cancer biology, and molecular biology, Cofounder ExoThera LLC,

Cofounder mAbRx,

VP R&D Oncology Division, Bavarian Nordic  

VP R&D Anosys Inc.

Consultant for Stanford Uni. Research group


Pioneered extracelllar vesicle RNA and related applied technologies.
Chairman of  the SAB
Co-inventor of EXO RNA technology platform
14+ Issued Patents
Chief Science Officer at Applied Bioclinical,
Vice President Research & Development at FutureCeuticals
Sr. Leader R&D at ICN Pharmaceuticals. 

Cofounder of Proxy Life Science Holdings & Proxy Dx


Pioneered exosome immune pathway & applications
Co-inventor of EXO Display technology platform
Member Academie des Sciences Paris France

Instrumental in the development of Taxotere
Previously:  Cofounder Exothera LLC, CSO Anosys, 
Senior Vice President Rhone-Poulenc Rorer (Sanofi-Aventis)
Senior Vice President Research Rhone-Poulenc Rorer
Professor, University Pierre Maris Curie Paris France
Laboratory head, Institute Gustav-Roussy


Pioneered extracellular vesicle RNA technology platform
Co-inventor of EXO RNA technology platform
400+ peer reviewed publications 
Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Louisville

Director of Stem Cell Program, 
James Graham Brown Cancer Center

The Hoenig’s Endowed Chair in Cancer Biology



CEO of EXO Incubator Inc.

Managing Member of Lawfirm Brook & Associates.

Admitted to the bar in New York, New Jersey and DC.

Juris Doctor (J.D.), Duke University School of Law.

Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry from UC San Diego.


President - Torrey Pines Investment, SVP & General Manager - Chemical Diversity, CEO -Afraxis, Experienced Entrepreneur, Strategist, C level Executive, Business Dev. & Investor, Viriom, Chromis Thera, Trusted Mobility Repair, Hope Health Ventures, and others.


Expertise in preparing and prosecuting US, PCT, and foreign patent applications,  patent portfolio analysis and IP strategy. Specialties include  the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, medical devices, electrochemistry, chemical engineering, and general mechanical arts. 


Senior Analyst JDP Capital Management, Previously CapitalSenior Associate - Citi, 

Previously Investment Banking Senior Analyst - Merrill Lynch. 

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